Schedule the flow

I have and probably always will be a planner. I love to plan trips, plan meals, and yet for some reason, planning out my day always seemed silly to me. I wanted to be able to live life in flow. I didn’t want to be tied down to time constraints. Then, I signed up for this AMAZING membership for parenting. (If you missed your chance to get in, that’s okay… the creator has sooooooooooo much KILLER content for free and she has other courses. She will also be opening up the membership in about six months so you can get on her email list so that you can be notified when it reopens.)

So in the membership, one of the modules is called Busy Slayer. I kind of avoided that one right off the bat, but then last week I decided to check it out. Some of the stuff I was already doing (meal planning) but she recommended making a weekly schedule. I decided to try it out and OMG I’m so glad that I did! No, I don’t follow it to the T, however, it’s an amazing baseline for things that I would like to accomplish through the week each day AND it’s been so helpful with my spirited daughter. I don’t know why I threw the spirited part in there. I really think no matter the kids temperament, every child would love this consistency. For example, every day I pick up my daughter from preschool we get home and we eat lunch. Then after, we have quiet time, then we play outside and go for a walk, then we come home and I let her watch one episode of educational TV (Wild Kratts is her favorite right now. We also like Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger, and Sid the Science Kid). While she is watching her show, I prepare dinner. Then we eat together and then do yoga and or play a family game together (after TV time it’s calming time to prepare for bedtime). Then we get her ready for bed, three books and lights out. She loves knowing what is coming up next. She even likes quiet time now!!! Our days run so much more smooth and has way more flow and fun and I’m so grateful for being open to trying out a weekly schedule.

Do you have a weekly schedule? If not, what is holding you back? Do you feel inspired to try one? Let me know! I’d love to help! Until next time… Take care of yourself because you deserve health, happiness, and abundance!!

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