It may not make sense at this moment… embrace trust

Today I want to talk about gratitude. Sometimes I feel like I am not the greatest at showing my gratitude toward my loved ones. It’s something that I have been working on after my more recent realization. I’ve always thought of myself as grateful, however, after my husband asked what I wanted for mothers day I was irritated that I felt like he didn’t listen. Now I know he did more than I imagined.

When he asked what I wanted, I told him my usual response, “I don’t need anything. Just maybe a massage and some alone time.” Typicallhy he still buys me things that I really don’t need (I’m the practical kind of gift receiver and buyer).

Now, I’m sitting in my gift enjoying the alone time that I asked for and embracing the serenity and taking in nature listening to the gentle waves of the lake and jumping fish. The light breeze is making the sunny day even more incredible. My husband gave me the gift of escaping with a hobby I love to do! So, look into your life and see what you can be grateful for. Is there something that you have misinterpreted and able to embrace the message? This happens a lot more than we think. We get mad or irritated when something doesn’t “work out” when really, it’s what was really needed, even if it doesn’t make sense at this moment.



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