Week 1 on the Keto diet

Starting waist measurement 34 inches, weight 121

Saturday Day 1: Started the day out with two pieces of bacon and sautéed vegetables, fermented veggies and greens. We had a family picnic and I had some left over curried veggies and almonds. For dinner, I made a sandwich- I baked some yummy coconut bread –that had a bunch of sprouts, avocado, mustard, cucumber, and fermented veggies and I mashed up a bit of leftover avocado and dipped some homemade chips  in it. I had a few fat bombs that I made that day too.

I got a headache but I think it was from not drinking enough water (you need to drink a lot of water on this diet). I went kayaking the day before and definitely didn’t have my water handy enough! Plus, being out in the sun and the physical exertion doesn’t help.

Sunday, Day 2: Tired throughout the day and a little cranky. (Sorry my little ones for not being in a good mood). I was ready to go to bed at 6 but silly me decided to stay up and hang with the hubs. In bed by 8:30.

I made up some bacon for the family and ate the left over sautéed veggies from the day before and had a slice of coconut bread with some bacon grease and nutritional yeast on top. I added some fresh garden greens on the side. For lunch I had a big salad with another piece of coconut bread. My husband made up some taco meat and baked the taco shells I prepared earlier. These taco shells are amazing and so easy to make!

Monday, Day 3: I woke up very tired, weak, cranky, and out of it. I slept okay, like usual (I have a 9 month old who co-sleeps with me and still nurses on demand at night). Afternoon, I noticed my morning symptoms had diminished. Hopefully its uphill from here!

I had Overnight “Oats” for breakfast and a few almonds and pistachios, for lunch I ate leftover tacos and for dinner I had a big salad with coconut bread.

Tuesday, Day 4: Woke up feeling less tired today. I have much better mental clarity, however, my fuse has been really short… I hope this is something that goes away soon. My back has been in pain so I’m going to need to get a chiropractic adjustment!

Wednesday, Day 5: Woke up more energized and lasted most of the day. Mood is a bit better.

Breakfast: Toast with sun butter and coconut oil, Lunch: Chocolate Shake (soooooo delicious! tastes like fudgsicles) Sandwich with avocado, sprouts, mustard, and greens. Roasted chicken and veggies for dinner.

Thursday, Day 6: Lots of energy at night so I stayed up until 930/10pm and got some time to spend with my husband!

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with coconut yogurt and seeds, Lunch: roasted chicken and veggies, Dinner: Veggie Stir-fry

Friday, Day 7: Eggs and bacon and veggies for breakfast, sandwich and salad for lunch. Salmon and shrimp and grilled veggies.

I lost one pound, still feeling a little tired. I broke out with three little pimples (not bad, but I think it’s from detoxing from the sugar and high carb foods). I also felt some flank pain which I think is from detoxing as well. I started getting more energy and then I ate chocolate shakes for a few days because they were so yummy and I think this may have been too much for my adrenals. I decided to cut this out for now. Week one was a lot easier than I thought it would be! We will see how next week goes!

Let’s do some experimentin’

I’m an experimental type of person. I like trying new things, especially when it comes to my diet regimen if it claims to be beneficial and healthy. I am no Morgan Spurlock. I have no desire to go on a fast food diet for 30 days (or the like) because I can tell you how I would feel day 1. The last time I ate at MD was probably 7 years ago and I still remember how shitty I felt almost immediately after. However, when I research a little on a new diet trend and it speaks to me in some way, why not?

Recently, I was eating a mostly vegan diet (I ate some honey here and there and when I really felt a meat craving, I would listen to my body and eat the cleanest meat possible). I’ve always loved the idea of the vegan diet because we aren’t killing animals to satisfy our dietary needs. On the other hand, I believe that our intelligent body is always giving us signs that we need to listen to. I have started feeling more tired than normal and irritable and I feel like this is because of the high carb diet I was used to eating. I felt like I was constantly hungry all the time and craving sugar. Then, last week I watched a documentary called “The Magic Pill” which discussed the ketogenic diet and showcased three different people’s health transform after changing their diet. I figured I’d give it a try. There are a ton of recipes that are attainable through Pinterest or you may just google some. I like this website to look for resources to help through this transition. Unfortunately, there are a few things I don’t like about this site. It has some unhealthy recommendations like fast food eating guides and they also state that sucralose is fine… this is not fine! It’s a neurotoxin and has been shown to cause cancer, so I wouldn’t follow their plan on these recommendations.

  1. Here’s the bottom line: You want to eat a high fat diet with healthy fats (coconut oil, pasture raised and non-GMO animal fats, avocado oil, olive oil, ghee), lots of low carb vegetables- lots of greens (no grains, root vegetables- potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes/yams, etc.), some protein (not a lot) from pasture raised and fed non-GMO food, and low fruits (berries and lemons and limes are fine at small amounts because of their sugar content).

I’m planning on documenting my journey here every week for the next 2-3 weeks with how I’m feeling and also some foods and recipes that I’ve been using. My goal is to get rid of eczema that I have on my right middle finger, increase energy and mood, and help with my little mama pouch (honestly, I’m not too worried about the last one…just curious to see if it will help decrease this).

Here’s to the Keto diet!

Let me know if you found this post helpful? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you! See ya next week!

Resources on sucralose:




“That’s not okay” Set your boundary

During the last 5 months I’ve been healing more and more hurts from my past. It’s been incredible and although it hasn’t been the easiest road it’s worth it! One of the things I’ve been working on lately is setting boundaries. I’ve hated conflict ever since I can remember. I know there was a point in my life when I was able to speak out against any injustices I felt toward me or others, however, I feel like that was squashed at a young age when kids were supposed to be seen and not heard.

The course I’m taking with Dr. Shefali has been healing things left and right with me and it showed a few weeks ago. I was hanging out with family when we all decided to watch a movie, which is a rarity with my daughter. (we watch family movies on occasion) Well my 4 year old was being loud on the couch and I reminded her, gently, that if she wasn’t able to stay quiet, we wouldn’t be able to watch the movie since we need to be able to hear it. She continued to be loud, so I told her, “okay, well we can all play a game instead.” One of the adults at my house got upset (their inner child came out) and said, “That isn’t fair! Just because she’s being a brat shouldn’t mean none of us get to watch a movie.” I was not happy! I responded, “She’s not a brat! That’s not okay!” This continued for a bit and finally I said, “If you have a problem with how I parent, talk to me. Don’t call my children names, that’s not okay!” I started the movie and left the room and processed the whole scenario. Instead of running to my husband and talking to him about it, I sat with my feelings and processed them. I realized that these were the kinds of things that I heard personally when I grew up and I knew that had an effect on my personality. Telling a child that they are a brat or stupid or to be nice is not an uplifting and supportive thing to say to anyone. If you need help learning how to parent children who grow up confident and ultimately thrive I really urge you to check out The Parenting Junkie.

My daughter watched the whole thing go down so later I reminded her that she isn’t a brat and some people feel like it’s okay to talk to others in this way, when it’s not. I reminded my daughter that some people have very strong emotions and opinions and that doesn’t mean that anything they say is true. Instead, these people are really hurting inside and are unsure of how to process these feelings and do or say things that are hurtful. Deep down know that it doesn’t matter what others really think of you, it matters how you feel about yourself. I’m grateful when I have the opportunity to teach my kids about real world scenarios like this.

I’m not telling you this story to get arise out of anyone. My intention for this story is to inspire you to stick up for what you believe and stick up for others who don’t feel like they have a voice. I’ve been around this person and there are no hard feelings (that I know of) and now they know that this is a boundary that I have set. It’s a boundary I will continue to set and has inspired me to set more healthy boundaries for myself and others who need help.

Do you have boundary setting issues? If so, what are the hardest ones for you to set?