Week 1 on the Keto diet

Starting waist measurement 34 inches, weight 121

Saturday Day 1: Started the day out with two pieces of bacon and sautéed vegetables, fermented veggies and greens. We had a family picnic and I had some left over curried veggies and almonds. For dinner, I made a sandwich- I baked some yummy coconut bread –that had a bunch of sprouts, avocado, mustard, cucumber, and fermented veggies and I mashed up a bit of leftover avocado and dipped some homemade chips  in it. I had a few fat bombs that I made that day too.

I got a headache but I think it was from not drinking enough water (you need to drink a lot of water on this diet). I went kayaking the day before and definitely didn’t have my water handy enough! Plus, being out in the sun and the physical exertion doesn’t help.

Sunday, Day 2: Tired throughout the day and a little cranky. (Sorry my little ones for not being in a good mood). I was ready to go to bed at 6 but silly me decided to stay up and hang with the hubs. In bed by 8:30.

I made up some bacon for the family and ate the left over sautéed veggies from the day before and had a slice of coconut bread with some bacon grease and nutritional yeast on top. I added some fresh garden greens on the side. For lunch I had a big salad with another piece of coconut bread. My husband made up some taco meat and baked the taco shells I prepared earlier. These taco shells are amazing and so easy to make!

Monday, Day 3: I woke up very tired, weak, cranky, and out of it. I slept okay, like usual (I have a 9 month old who co-sleeps with me and still nurses on demand at night). Afternoon, I noticed my morning symptoms had diminished. Hopefully its uphill from here!

I had Overnight “Oats” for breakfast and a few almonds and pistachios, for lunch I ate leftover tacos and for dinner I had a big salad with coconut bread.

Tuesday, Day 4: Woke up feeling less tired today. I have much better mental clarity, however, my fuse has been really short… I hope this is something that goes away soon. My back has been in pain so I’m going to need to get a chiropractic adjustment!

Wednesday, Day 5: Woke up more energized and lasted most of the day. Mood is a bit better.

Breakfast: Toast with sun butter and coconut oil, Lunch: Chocolate Shake (soooooo delicious! tastes like fudgsicles) Sandwich with avocado, sprouts, mustard, and greens. Roasted chicken and veggies for dinner.

Thursday, Day 6: Lots of energy at night so I stayed up until 930/10pm and got some time to spend with my husband!

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with coconut yogurt and seeds, Lunch: roasted chicken and veggies, Dinner: Veggie Stir-fry

Friday, Day 7: Eggs and bacon and veggies for breakfast, sandwich and salad for lunch. Salmon and shrimp and grilled veggies.

I lost one pound, still feeling a little tired. I broke out with three little pimples (not bad, but I think it’s from detoxing from the sugar and high carb foods). I also felt some flank pain which I think is from detoxing as well. I started getting more energy and then I ate chocolate shakes for a few days because they were so yummy and I think this may have been too much for my adrenals. I decided to cut this out for now. Week one was a lot easier than I thought it would be! We will see how next week goes!

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