Keto: Week 2

Last week, I decided to keep going with the keto diet and here is what it looked like…

Saturday, Day 8: Breakfast: Pancakes with almond butter, berries, and coconut yogurt on top with bacon, Lunch: popcorn (I cheated when we watched a movie), Dinner: zoodle pasta (I sautéed these in bacon grease and my daughter loved it! She hates zucchini) with avocado dressing and veggies.

My skin got a little itchy so I’m thinking it was from the popcorn.

Sunday, Day 9: Breakfast: Overnight “Oats” with coconut yogurt, sunflower seed butter, berries, and walnuts, Lunch: Stir-fry for lunch, Snack: almonds, Dinner: Pizza and salad.

I feel like I’m constantly hungry. Increased fatigue.

Monday, Day 10: Breakfast: Pancakes with coconut yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and walnuts. Lunch: Salad with mashed avocado, fermented veggies, and Dinner:  left over taco with slice of coconut bread and sun butter.

I feel really out of it and usually ready to sleep around 8pm at the latest.

Tuesday, Day 11: Overnight “Oats” with walnut, pumpkin seeds, and almonds. Lunch: Left over salmon with roasted veggies and a few almonds. Dinner: Turkey sandwich with sprouts, avocado, mustard, and greens.

When I’m in the dark I notice little twinkles in my vision! Low blood pressure? Getting adjusted tomorrow!

Wednesday, Day 12: Cinnamon roll in a mug and prosciutto, Lunch: salad with avocado and half a quesadilla, Snack: berry shake (recipe here, I didn’t put the cacao in it. Instead I threw some berries and greens and cinnamon in it), Dinner: roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus, and kale. (chopped these up and drizzled with melted coconut oil and some Himalayan salt and pepper to taste. Baked at 350 degrees until crispy. When they were almost done, I dusted them with nutritional yeast. YUM!!)

Finally got adjusted today and I definitely needed it! I had methylation testing done and I had a lot of pathways out which attributed me to feeling so weak and tired and increased hunger. As soon as my chiropractor started working on my cervicals, the twinkling in my vision went away! We took a nice family walk after dinner and it felt amazing!

Thursday, day 13: Breakfast: pancakes with coconut yogurt, walnuts, and berries and bacon. Lunch: leftover stir-fry, Dinner: Shrimp Fajitas.

I’m still feeling a bit weak.

Friday, Day 14: Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll in a mug, lunch: shrimp fajitas, Dinner: No-Bean Chili with beef stew meat. I am so used to eating chips and dairy free cheese with my chili so to sub these, I loaded up with nutritional yeast and used pork rinds to achieve that crunchy texture I get with tortilla chips.

By the end of week two I started feeling a little bit more energy. I think this had to do with my chiropractor getting me on the right supplement regimen and being adjusted. Take a look at what I learned about my Keto diet in my next post!

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