The beauty of being sick…

Yes, the title to my post this week may sound a little crazy, but stay with me…

We started the kiddos in daycare 7 weeks ago… since then, it’s been a germ factory in our home and at least one of us has been sick since then. I’m starting on my second round of being sick in the last 6 weeks and so are my kids!  Summer colds are the worst, but I have never been in a cold continuum for this long! I don’t mind being sick if it’s me vs the kids, however, I’m starting to get really pissy from all this sickness. We’ve missed work and there were days that I left my youngest crying and miserable at daycare.

No, I can’t really blame it all on daycare, although I’m sure that’s where it stems from. The real problem is that our immune systems have been weakened to the point where we haven’t been able to fight off all these germs. How, you may ask? Well it seems once I deviated from the keto diet, my food choices haven’t been as healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eating out at fast food joints, however, I have eaten some foods that I know weaken my immune system (fish and chips and ice cream… and then the occasions where my husband and I ate the majority of the brownies he made… twice). I am done! I woke up yesterday feeling like garbage again and I won’t do it anymore! The worst is seeing my children in pain from coughing or seeing their constant running noses.

So what I’m doing is cutting out all added sugars until I’m feeling well and then allowing myself something sweet on occasion, because I feel deprived when I won’t allow myself to have something indulgent every once in a while. I will eat fruits when I feel a craving come on or  better yet, drink my tea.

Second, we are cutting back on meat. When I went on the keto diet, we reintroduced meat into the family and it seems like this was right when we all started getting sick. Not saying that this is a definite contributor, yet, I believe that eating a lot of meat isn’t great for the body (or the planet, especially if not sourced from a pastured farm). A little bit every once in a while is okay, but I feel like we started to go a bit overboard.

I know being “stuck” indoors doesn’t help either, and I know that allergies have been bad this year, which I’m usually not a victim to until this year. All I know, is that I’ve been slacking on the diet and that stops here. And really, so does the pissy-ness… Rather, I’m thankful to my body for telling me that I can’t continue to feed it unhealthy foods and expect to thrive. I’m thankful that my family and I only have a cold and not something worse. The body is so intelligent and it’s constantly telling us if we need to change something up- be it pimples, fatigue, colds, cold sores, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. So rather than getting grumpy, which only makes things worse, thank your body for the signs/signals and change it up! And take this time to slow down and soak up stillness.

I know that I’m not the only one who has been struggling with their diet this summer. Have you had a hard time eating healthy this summer? If so, what are your challenges? What do you feel would help? I’d love to hear from you and help!




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