Why we are fat, sick and nearly dead…

One-third of American adults and one in six children are now obese, although an annual report released Thursday by two nonprofit groups found that rates could be stabilizing.*

With statistics like these, it’s scary what our country’s quality of life will be like if these stats aren’t really stabilizing. It’s no wonder why we are all fat and sick… I work in a hospital and it always baffles me how we treat celebrations. We should know better! Every time we honor a certain person or department we load up on high carbs and loads of sugar. To me, this makes zero sense. Why do we have to constantly serve these sickness causing foods to celebrate?! Why can’t we honor each other by lifting us up with foods that nourish and strengthen us, rather than weaken our immune systems and make us feel like garbage?

It doesn’t start there though, it really starts with when we were kids and how we were placated with sweets and junk foods for every occasion and to squash any feelings our caregivers wanted to soothe. The first way to combat this cycle is to recognize it, and then change it. I’m guilty of this as well. Birthdays for me equate to birthday treats and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas have to have pumpkin and pecan pies… There are better options though. I’m not saying we have to completely nix these traditions, but we can find healthier options like raw treats or low sugar options with more whole food/less processed ingredients. All other occasions, like our seemingly monthly celebrations at school or work, grab the veggie and meat tray and a fruit salad and load up on those fueling foods. My daughter told me that at her preschool, other kids are given M&Ms as a reward for their behavior. As soon as I heard about that last spring, I told her teacher I didn’t want that for my daughter, so instead she gets stickers… I’ll choose my battles.

How do you feel about this topic? Do you feel like we treat every party with unhealthy treats? Do you think you could change this in your life? OR… have you already implemented some changes in this area? I’d love to hear from you about this! If you’d like help transitioning to a more nourishing diet so you’re feeling vibrant, I’m your gal!


Here’s a cake that we got to honor a handful of people at my work for their milestone celebrations. This huge cake was paired with soda and that’s it… didn’t take long to devour the majority of it. This was taken 3 or 4 hours after it was cut into. (sorry it’s a bit blurry)



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