Love the skin you’re in!

If you’ve read my bio, you probably know that I used to have pretty embarrassing acne. When I discovered that the creams and pills were not only no longer working, but also very toxic to my body, I searched high and low for an alternative.
I found a women who was a natural healer and preformed allergy and sensitivity testing for foods and environmental irritants. There were quite a few that came back as aggravative to me. She filled out a paper that showed all of the sensitivities and on our way home my husband and I discussed our results since he also had a paper with some similar results. At the time I couldn’t imagine removing some of these out of my life especially dairy and gluten. Shortly after, when I had some down time at work I researched the correlation of acne and food and right there I saw testimonial after testimonial of how people’s acne and stomach issues resolved after removing dairy and gluten.
I was desperate, so I slowly removed them from my diet after playing around with new substitutions to previous recipes we enjoyed. It took a long time to finally remove all of them but once I did I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked!
So it didn’t surprise me when I bought some raw milk for my kids to try to fatten them up that neither of them could digest it. This led me to find a good alternative I could make from scratch for my kids because I don’t trust the additives in store bought milk alternatives. You can see what I mean by reading this article here. After comparing different types I decided on a combination of oat and coconut milk for the healthy fats and various vitamins and minerals. The best bonuses are that it’s cheaper than store bought, it’s easy to make and you can freeze it for future use since it only lasts 4 days in the fridge.
Have you ever been tested out food sensitivities? If so, what were they and didn’t you experiment with removing them from your diet? If no, what’s holding you back? I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences! Email or post under this article on my Facebook page here.

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