My Halloween debacle…

Halloween is just around the corner and for some it’s a holiday filled with fun and imagination along with tons of sugar and unsafe ingredients that no one, especially small children should ingest. 

I know that when I was little no one really thought of the latter as a problem but raising my children is different. As a health coach and conscious parent I am struggling to decide how I want my kids to celebrate this holiday. On one hand, I want them to have fun and be free to choose what is right for their bodies, but on the other hand, my eldest is only 5 and I don’t feel like she is old enough to make important decisions about her health since 99% of the candy we will be getting will be full of chemicals, artificial ingredients and more, which cause depressed immune systems or worse. 


So how do you choose to navigate Halloween? There are a few ideas I got while perusing the internet and here are a few that I am going to discuss with my husband and once we have made a plan we will chat about this with my daughter. 

  1. Switching out candy with healthier options 
  2. Buying a book or small toy in exchange for the candy 
  3. Getting our own candy and not going trick or treating. 
  4. Teaching her there’s more to Halloween than candy. 

Along with these options, we will also be modeling how we will be choosing not to buy into the candy obsession by giving kids spare change instead of candy. 

What are your thoughts about this topic? How do you celebrate Halloween? 


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