What season are you in?

For a while now, I’ve yearned to find my purpose to gift to the world. For a while I thought it would be helping moms bringing their baby’s earthside as a birth doula. Then, I thought it would be helping families get toxins out of their homes with both Norwex and Young Living products. I believed I really found it with health coaching. I enrolled in a Heath coaching course though IIN and borrowed money from my sister to pay for it. I loved it! I had a few clients but eventually all of them quit early except one. At the time I was working 30 hours a week at the hospital as a sonographer on top of trying to run my own business, while also raising my new daughter. It was so hard finding a balance that allowed me to be wth my family and take care of myself.

Finally, I stopped trying and became frustrated and depressed about it. I wanted to help people regain their lives though empowering their health. Then, baby number 2 arrived and I thought I’d try out helping moms in their postpartum journey after experiencing help from two other generous postpartum doulas. But only one person in over a year has inquired about my services and nothing ever came from it.

Finally, I have decided that I need to just do what I have available to me to support my family, myself and be grateful for that for now. Instead of trying to force something that isn’t going to happen, just live in the now and be open to any ideas of an alternative when the time comes to give to the world what I came here to do. For now, my job is to take care of myself so I can take care of my kids and husband.

Recently I was able to move my position from PRN, which was really nice because I basically picked my schedule (no weekends and no overnight shifts), to a part time position and I’m glad that I did because now that we are fully staffed the PRN shifts hours are going to be cut back. This just confirms that I am doing what I should be at this time.

So my message is to just honor and be grateful for the season you’re life is in right now. Even if it’s not ideal, it’s what it should be at this moment. Right now, it’s my time to relax into the job of motherhood and let my ideas percolate for when my kids are less dependent on me.

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