Free De-clutter challenge! You in?!

I know I’ve written about how for the past 3 years… a while I have been purging things from my home. Having kids does not make this easier! I had a one in, one out rule and advised my family and friends we prefer non-object gifts for birthdays and holidays, yet the things continue to make their way in and my 5 year old hates to pick up her stuff (unless it’s to move them to our common area…) That’s why when I received an email from a minimalist mama regarding a free 30 day de-clutter challenge for moms (you can still join if you are a dad or a grandparent or aunt or uncle or… human!).

Clutter leads to anxiety which leads to stress, which can lead to a number of undesirable issues. We all know the feeling of being in a cramped and cluttered space,right? So what are you waiting for? Oh… the link… click here to sign up!

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