Dinner just got easier!

If you aren’t meal planning, let me tell you how much easier it has made my life!!

Before, I’d get home from work and my husband wouldn’t know what to make or I would do the same when I was home with the kids. Grocery shopping was sooooo much more expensive because we typically just grabbed random things that would make up a meal. Then, we’d end up wasting food because we wouldn’t know how to add it into a meal that we made or we would think of something to eat but then wouldn’t have all the ingredients needed.

Meal planning workbs amazing for us because we love to cook our own meals! We know how expensive and unhealthy it is to go out and eat. Yes, it’s convenient because you don’t have to clean up or wait for the food to be made ** but you would be waiting the same amount of time it would take to just make healthier versions in your own home. In your home, you know the exact ingredients you’re putting in your meals. Plus, you get so much more food when you cook at home! Leftovers are a life saver for me and my family!!

The biggest issue we have found with meal planning is the actual picking of the meals. Typically, we pick meals on Friday at dinner or we will each think of one or two meals that we agree on. Once we agree on one, we write it down on one side of our dry erase board and then on the other side of the board we make a list of all ingredients needed for the week. Recently, my friend sent me an app she recommended called Mealime. It has options if you’re vegan, keto, paleo, and more! You can even put in dietary intolerances and dislikes! So far, I have just used the free version, but they have a Pro version for $5.99/month or $49.99/year. This takes all of the headaches out of meal planning because it makes a list for your groceries too!

Have you tried Mealime? Do you plan your weekly meals? If not, what works for you and your family?

No thank you necessary

Anytime that I go to an event that “requires” a gift, I make it a point to let the person know I don’t need a thank you card. I know that deep down the person or people getting my gift is grateful, at least for the thought of it. Most of the time, I still get thank you cards snuck in on my cubby at work from my recently married co-workers or somehow they find my address and I get one in the mail.

I know it’s common in our society to do this tradition, however I just think it’s a waste. I know how time consuming writing out thank you cards to people can be… yeah I know, I’m guilty of writing out cards even though I dislike getting them. I don’t want to come off as ungrateful…

Recently, for birthday parties for the kids, I tell my guests they are welcome to write down their address on the envelops I set out if they really desire a “thank you” card and since I’ve started doing this, not once has someone filled out the envelope. So now I text or tell the person thank you. I got this idea from a friend who respected my wish of not mailing me a card and it was more special to me than getting one in the mail and I hope it was easier to do that instead for her.

Despite this, I do have to say one thank you card that I received less than a year ago was super sweet and I really regret haggling my friend for giving me one (she left one on my cubby at work) and then I opened it a few days later and I kind of got emotional about it. The lesson I learned, is that just because I dread writing out, addressing, and mailing out the cards, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t find enjoyment from them. It’s like that with anything really so I’ll try to honor the differences we all have and embrace them as much as possible.

My sweet sanctuary

My husband is not a typical guy. He doesn’t care for sports, isn’t really someone who drinks (or has any addictions really), and has a gentle heart and tears up more than I do sometimes. There are other qualities that he could work on(who doesn’t) but his perks definitely outweigh his flaws!

One of the things that can make me irritated is his need to buy gifts (because then I feel obligated to give him a gift- something I’m working on) even when I say I don’t want anything, except maybe some self-care items like alone time, a massage, or couples dancing lessons (he jokes that he’s saving that last one up for when he’s really in trouble). So for Christmas we decided to just make our gifts this year and man did he score big! He has always had his own little sanctuary to run to when he needs some time (his garage) and since we have decided to stay in our home until we get other bills paid off we thought about jazzing up our basement a little.

This was a project he worked on for hours each day for about a week (thanks to my family for watching the kiddos during this time) and was revealed to me on Christmas morning. Wow! The change went from bleak and gloomy to warm and comfortable. (see pictures below) It’s 99% my little sanctuary now. I have my sauna and sewing machine and a large table to do projects when I’m feeling it. I meditate and listen to classes on the chaise we have down there. Also, he bought me a little sound bar so I can play my music when I feel like dancing which is a lot of the time and it’s great for taking the kids down to dance and play too. I also plan on doing yoga down there, but haven’t dont it yet. Really, the possibilites are quite endless because “there’s so much room for activites.”

I know a lot of the time we, as a society, tend to under appreciate our wonderful spouses (and if they aren’t wonderful, check to make sure it’s worth it because you are!) or we give them a lot of slack for the things they don’t do, rather than alllll of the wonderful things they do help with or do without us asking. So thank your partner for all the beauty they bring to your life and others. And then thank yourself for all you do and for manifesting all the love in your life!

Do you have a place that is just for you? If so, I’d love to see pictures and hear what your favorite hobbies are! I wish we would have set this up a long time ago!

Before… Gir sniffing his spot goodbye

And this (Down) my beautiful sanctuary

How I get my kids to take their supplements

Let’s face it, our food isn’t the quality it used to be so supplements are a must. Luckily, we have an amazing chiropractor who can muscle test my whole family for the best ones for their body whenever we feel the need.

Recently, we had been told that my youngest, who is almost 16 months old, has iron deficiency anemia. My pediatrician told us that we need to put him on an iron supplement but when I looked up the ingredients I decided that I’d research a better option. I came across a tea that was very easy to make which included herbs that are rich in iron. (I’ll put the recipe in below) Before this discovery of his anemia I was really slack on giving my kids their supplements because I felt they ate well enough and I was a little lazy about it. Before when we gave our kids supplements or medicines, we used a shot glass for my eldest daughter (she loves miniture items so this worked well for a while) and for my son we used a syringe to dispel liquids which I don’t care for anymore because it’s forcing the fluid in his mouth and I don’t like that.

Now, we use straws which makes it fun and gives them the control! We love these metal straws so we aren’t creating waste with plastic. We also add in a little bit of kefir water (great for the belly) to improve the taste if needed. My daughter requests kefir and she has no issues of taking her supplements and she actually looks forward to them.

Do your kids fight you with their supplements/medicines? Try these or share with ways that work for you and your family.

Herbal multivitamin

1 tsp nettles
1 tsp red raspberry leaf
1 tsp rose hips
1/2 tsp alfalfa
1/2 tsp oat straw
1/2 tsp peppermint

Steep in 2 cups of hot water overnight. Drain into jar and refrigerate for up to 4-5 days. I use 2tbls for my son each day.

Another free course! The future looks bright!

This past year I’ve been engaging in a course called the Year of Manifestation. It was so worth the investment! Unfortunately, this winter I haven’t been able to listen to the content live, however, I have definitely seen positive progress and change.

My growth:

  1. Letting go- I had a very hard time getting over past hurts and for too long would let my feelings steep and build and held on to anger. I have come a long way in being able to let go. Although I am still working on this, my husband and I have noticed that I’m more easy going and made a great change.
  2. More conscious – before, I watched more TV and movies that I would care to admit and spent more time on my phone to pass my time. Now, I’m rarely on my phone and when I feel like watching TV it’s hard for me to find something worth my time. Instead, I usually end up finding something more productive to do around the house like watching my kids play or join them or enjoying some me time.
  3. Decluttering- This kind of goes with the first one in that I have been able to let go of possessions, as well as decluttering my thoughts. Not only have I been able to get rid of things taking up my time and space but I’ve become intentional about how I spend my money on items that come into my home and feel motivated to clear out things that I don’t need.

I’m not really a big New Year resolutions person but I do have some goals for this coming year.

2019 Goals:

  1. Paying off credit cards – unfortunately with having kids, home updates, and business expenses we racked up some debt. Thankfully, I’m looking at being debt free in less than 15 months, if not sooner! Okay, well not completely debt free because I have a mortgage and student loans and a van payment.
  2. Healing – thankfully, the Year of Manifestation course is mine for life so I plan on re-listening to it all over again because I know I’ll pick up new information every time I do. Also, there is a group called Luminous that is great as well and they are offering a free month to friends and family! Hop on board by clicking here (offer expires at the end of the month) Use code: LUMINOUS25
  3. More flow – with my youngest now taking just one nap, I’m hoping to create more structure to our days to create more joy and flow for my family and I. This includes being outside (even when the weather is less than ideal for at least a couple of minutes), setting up more stations to keep my kids busy with art and play (also called strewing), regular date nights with my hubby, etc.

What was good about your previous year and what do you strive for in the coming year?