Another free course! The future looks bright!

This past year I’ve been engaging in a course called the Year of Manifestation. It was so worth the investment! Unfortunately, this winter I haven’t been able to listen to the content live, however, I have definitely seen positive progress and change.

My growth:

  1. Letting go- I had a very hard time getting over past hurts and for too long would let my feelings steep and build and held on to anger. I have come a long way in being able to let go. Although I am still working on this, my husband and I have noticed that I’m more easy going and made a great change.
  2. More conscious – before, I watched more TV and movies that I would care to admit and spent more time on my phone to pass my time. Now, I’m rarely on my phone and when I feel like watching TV it’s hard for me to find something worth my time. Instead, I usually end up finding something more productive to do around the house like watching my kids play or join them or enjoying some me time.
  3. Decluttering- This kind of goes with the first one in that I have been able to let go of possessions, as well as decluttering my thoughts. Not only have I been able to get rid of things taking up my time and space but I’ve become intentional about how I spend my money on items that come into my home and feel motivated to clear out things that I don’t need.

I’m not really a big New Year resolutions person but I do have some goals for this coming year.

2019 Goals:

  1. Paying off credit cards – unfortunately with having kids, home updates, and business expenses we racked up some debt. Thankfully, I’m looking at being debt free in less than 15 months, if not sooner! Okay, well not completely debt free because I have a mortgage and student loans and a van payment.
  2. Healing – thankfully, the Year of Manifestation course is mine for life so I plan on re-listening to it all over again because I know I’ll pick up new information every time I do. Also, there is a group called Luminous that is great as well and they are offering a free month to friends and family! Hop on board by clicking here (offer expires at the end of the month) Use code: LUMINOUS25
  3. More flow – with my youngest now taking just one nap, I’m hoping to create more structure to our days to create more joy and flow for my family and I. This includes being outside (even when the weather is less than ideal for at least a couple of minutes), setting up more stations to keep my kids busy with art and play (also called strewing), regular date nights with my hubby, etc.

What was good about your previous year and what do you strive for in the coming year?

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