My sweet sanctuary

My husband is not a typical guy. He doesn’t care for sports, isn’t really someone who drinks (or has any addictions really), and has a gentle heart and tears up more than I do sometimes. There are other qualities that he could work on(who doesn’t) but his perks definitely outweigh his flaws!

One of the things that can make me irritated is his need to buy gifts (because then I feel obligated to give him a gift- something I’m working on) even when I say I don’t want anything, except maybe some self-care items like alone time, a massage, or couples dancing lessons (he jokes that he’s saving that last one up for when he’s really in trouble). So for Christmas we decided to just make our gifts this year and man did he score big! He has always had his own little sanctuary to run to when he needs some time (his garage) and since we have decided to stay in our home until we get other bills paid off we thought about jazzing up our basement a little.

This was a project he worked on for hours each day for about a week (thanks to my family for watching the kiddos during this time) and was revealed to me on Christmas morning. Wow! The change went from bleak and gloomy to warm and comfortable. (see pictures below) It’s 99% my little sanctuary now. I have my sauna and sewing machine and a large table to do projects when I’m feeling it. I meditate and listen to classes on the chaise we have down there. Also, he bought me a little sound bar so I can play my music when I feel like dancing which is a lot of the time and it’s great for taking the kids down to dance and play too. I also plan on doing yoga down there, but haven’t dont it yet. Really, the possibilites are quite endless because “there’s so much room for activites.”

I know a lot of the time we, as a society, tend to under appreciate our wonderful spouses (and if they aren’t wonderful, check to make sure it’s worth it because you are!) or we give them a lot of slack for the things they don’t do, rather than alllll of the wonderful things they do help with or do without us asking. So thank your partner for all the beauty they bring to your life and others. And then thank yourself for all you do and for manifesting all the love in your life!

Do you have a place that is just for you? If so, I’d love to see pictures and hear what your favorite hobbies are! I wish we would have set this up a long time ago!

Before… Gir sniffing his spot goodbye

And this (Down) my beautiful sanctuary

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