No thank you necessary

Anytime that I go to an event that “requires” a gift, I make it a point to let the person know I don’t need a thank you card. I know that deep down the person or people getting my gift is grateful, at least for the thought of it. Most of the time, I still get thank you cards snuck in on my cubby at work from my recently married co-workers or somehow they find my address and I get one in the mail.

I know it’s common in our society to do this tradition, however I just think it’s a waste. I know how time consuming writing out thank you cards to people can be… yeah I know, I’m guilty of writing out cards even though I dislike getting them. I don’t want to come off as ungrateful…

Recently, for birthday parties for the kids, I tell my guests they are welcome to write down their address on the envelops I set out if they really desire a “thank you” card and since I’ve started doing this, not once has someone filled out the envelope. So now I text or tell the person thank you. I got this idea from a friend who respected my wish of not mailing me a card and it was more special to me than getting one in the mail and I hope it was easier to do that instead for her.

Despite this, I do have to say one thank you card that I received less than a year ago was super sweet and I really regret haggling my friend for giving me one (she left one on my cubby at work) and then I opened it a few days later and I kind of got emotional about it. The lesson I learned, is that just because I dread writing out, addressing, and mailing out the cards, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t find enjoyment from them. It’s like that with anything really so I’ll try to honor the differences we all have and embrace them as much as possible.

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