Who are you grateful for?

Having gratitude is something we could all pay more attention to. In honor of this, I will be writing about the special people in my life who I’m grateful for and why. This post is speaking about the one and only woman who brought me to this planet. She’s one of the best roommates and has been such a great blessing in my house!!

She started motherhood at the young age of 14 by helping raise my step-sisters. She lost her first baby shortly after that. Four years later she gave birth to me and almost exactly another four years she gave birth to my first brother. When I was 14 my last baby brother was born.

Motherhood was something she was always proud of. When I got pregnant she was prepared to honor her role as a grammy and couldn’t wait to pass down her favorite traditions she picked up from her grandma.

Since living with us, more recently, my husband and I have been able to take weekly dates and she has been more than willing to watch them more! If something comes up she eagerly volunteers to hangout with the kids and help with daily activities like picking up my daughter from preschool and bath time routines and more.

I can’t thank her enough and pray we never take advantage of her and I repeatedly remind her she is allowed to say no if she needs her own time. To this she always replies, “I love being around my grand babies!”

Not only does she help with the kids, but she helps with laundry, cleaning and pitching in on groceries and cooks, as well. I have such an amazing mom and I am so grateful and blessed to have her in my home. On top of that, she’s super fun to be around and is so caring. I love you mama!!

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