Nerd AlertšŸ¤“

When I first saw my husband I pegged him for a lady’s man, jock type because of the way he looked- jeans, a BHSU hoodie, and gelled hair, super sexy but not my type. Man, I was wrong…Then, I actually had a conversation with him and was proven wrong regarding first impressions. He was sitting in my friends dorm room constructing a leprechaun out of fimo clay, which he ended up giving me after he was finished. Shortly after talking more, we became friends and I realized he was a little bit nerdy, which I liked. I’ve definitely been able to see the appeal of things I used to see as super geeky, once I give them a try and he has definitely turned me to the “dark-side” when it comes to nerdiness. I started watching shows like Firefly and Dr. Who, I began reading comics and finally, the cherry on top of all geeky activities: The infamous tabletop roll-playing game known as DnD (dungeons and dragons).

My husband just started playing about 6 months ago for the first time. This was something he has expressed wanting to do for a few years, at least, and he’d always tell me about his night when he got home from his game (usually the next day because I typically go to bed early). I asked him why he likes DnD and he said, “I like the fact I get to nerd with fellow nerds. I like the ability to use creativity and critical thinking to shape a story through my decisions I make for my character, all while joking and having a good time with a group of friends.”

After a few months of this, it sounded really fun so I told him I’d be interested in watching a game some night if we could find a sitter. Then his group disbanded and another group began being made and he finally convinced me to just try it. I figured I’d humor him and told him I’d go to one game to check it out. I made it clear if it didn’t turn out to be something I wouldn’t commit to I’d let him know after the first session. My husband helped me pick a dwarven character who I randomly named Arrmun Fireforge. He taught me some of the lingo and other necessities and reminded me that the group is really great at helping each other learn.

Even though I warned him not to hold his breath on me returning to any subsequent nights, I was nervous that I’d be letting someone, or the group, down.

Last Wednesday we met for the first night of this new campaign and I had so much fun! We didn’t get super far but the story is very intriguing so far and I’m super excited to go again. It reminds me of those books I used to love from the 90’s, build your own story, except with a lot more imagination. I think every adult could get some benefit to this type of creativity. I agree with my husband, not only is DnD great for being creative, but it’s also a great way to meet other people and get out of your comfort zone.

So, this is me, Tarin the proud nerd! What are some of your nerdy pleasures?

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