The great and powerful mind

I just watched another documentary, and I gotta say this is by far the best and most useful one that I’ve seen. It’s on Netflix and it’s called “Heal.” Basically, it’s powerful and empowering message is that we are the person creating our own disease and illness. How? By ignoring the soooo important mind-body connection to creating our most vibrant, healthy selves. Positivity has a tonic effect to the body, while negativity creates toxins in the body, which lead to illness and disease. Not all of it is our fault since childhood trauma is subconscious (so you don’t even know that you’re suffering from past memories) stress on your body along with the every day stresses that need to be dealt with in a healthy manner, as well. Think about how bombarded we are when watching the news or work drama or family issues.

I gotta say, this was so impactful that my husband actually admitted that he needed to start meditating! He’s a long time sufferer of migraines and more recently seen that some of his kidney and heart labs have come back abnormal and wants this to change. I’m super proud of his commitment to living a healthier life. His diet has been a lot better since we first started dating and when he did the elimination diet a few months back we both noticed his migraines basically went away when he followed the diet (he had tiny, short lived headaches a few times) and then the holidays had him back to the sugar, caffeine (which he has cut again) and other offenders that he is still testing out.

I know that I have subconscious trauma (we all do, not just severe trauma, but even being teased at school once) that I know I have to heal since watching the documentary; I am not messing around with this anymore. I’m seeing my chiropractor in two days and wanting to do NET and then I also would like to see another provider in town to help me release some of these memories as well. I have noticed a huge change in my mood and health after cleaning up my diet, however, I still have some anger and anxiety at times and I get so frustrated when my family gets the brunt of it. I’ve also, started listening to Pareting from the Inside Out by Daniel Seigel and I am doing exercises to heal too. Niki Gratrix, a specialist who helps people heal their past traumas. She recommends doing a daily reset ritual for 20 minutes, two times a day. Check out this great video with her wisdom.

Other ways to heal your past trauma: Meditate, journal, yoga, being in nature, laughing, dancing, being around other positive people, talk to someone, working with healers.

The mind is so powerful it can either hurt you, or heal you. What do you choose? Do you have a daily ritual that you use to heal your temple? If so, what are your favorites?

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