Grateful sister, Part 1

Do you have a sibling who you just click with? Someone that you have always been comfortable to say anything to and know that deep down, they’ve got your back and will love you no matter what? I’m very blessed because I have 4 of them! It’s because of them that I imagined having 4 kids when I grew up. Then I started having kids and realized how fricken hard it was to be a mom- the sleep deprivation, the lack of personal time and space, and all of the emotions, don’t get me wrong… I ABSOLUTELY love my kids, but two is plenty for me.) Each of my siblings have their faults (who doesn’t- I know I’m not up for the “Perfect Sister Award”- is that a real thing?) but their beautiful qualities outshine them by far. In the next few weeks, I’m going to tell you about how lucky I am to be their sister.

First up, is my brother Sam. Sam and I have been through life, thick and thin ever since he was born- at least, that’s how I remember it. We played together, watched movies together, went to the pool on our bicycles every summer, and in the winter we built some epic snow forts. He’s always been a confident and smart guy and I’m so blessed to know him. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our quarrels but I couldn’t imagine my life without him (I’m glad he didn’t electrocute himself by trying to plug in a part of a flashlight he had taken apart into the outlet when he was about 5 or that he didn’t impale himself the night he fell out of his bunkbed and landed on his Legos when he was little, or that I didn’t kill him when we fought over a Christmas bear which led him to the ER to get stitches in his head, or get more hurt on his motorcycle a few years ago on the interstate when a tire retread kicked up and flew him off his bike. Why he still rides, I don’t know). He has such an amazing smile and is so generous (almost too generous and has been burned by people taking advantage of his generosity, unfortunately). Recently, he has helped me get out of debt faster by allowing me to use one of his credit transfers on his credit cards, which was not the easiest things to ask for help for, but he was more than happy to help me.

When Sam was in middle school (and I in high school), I decided to move in with my dad who lived about 8 hours away. Unfortunately, when I moved back in with my mom a few months later, Sam didn’t follow me this time. It was so hard him not being around anymore, but ultimately, it prepared me for when he moved down to Arkansas shortly after he graduated high-school. Although, he still lives there and I live in South Dakota, whenever we see each other, it’s like we’ve never left each other’s side. I worry that he isn’t taking the greatest care of himself, but it’s his life and he has to make decisions about it, so I can’t worry too much.

My hope is that he will live close to me again, but if he doesn’t that’s okay too. Writing this with tears in my eyes, I’m thinking of my greatest memories with him. It’s hard to choose from because there were SO many he has such a happy personality (most of the time- I do remember pissing him off so bad when we were little- the look he gave me… I thought he was going to kill me). I loved playing Lego’s with him. Sometimes he would use his batman figurines while I played Barbie’s and I remember being such a turd to him. At nights when we watched scary movies, I’d ask him to sleep in my room with me because I was so scared and most of the time he did. And the things that drove me crazy when we were growing up, now only make me love him so much more (like the fact that he used to quote Jim Carrey movie lines so much that my mom banned them from our house).

I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything, like parenting, politics, and some lifestyle choices, but he’s my brother and I love him regardless. All I wish for him is a long, healthy, happy life… and to visit each other as much as we can. Thank you Sammy, for all that you have given me and for being one of my first best-friends! I love you little brother!

My favorite memories with Sam:

  1. While doing chores, screaming the theme song to “Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers”
  2. Creating roads with Tonka toys in the snow with our step-brother into the dark
  3. Figuring out who the pool pooper was one summer, Sam- I felt so bad for you to have witnessed this
  4. Your impressions, especially Miss Swan and Chicken from “Cow and Chicken”
  5. Trying to find all of your bolts for your snowboard when one of your bindings fell of and then deciding to sled the rest of the way in MT
  6. Your reverend skills at my wedding

Next up… well you’ll have to find out next week. Until then, remember to hold gratitude for yourself and those amazing people around you whether they are family, friends, co-workers or a perfect stranger.

Stop being so positive

Okay, so the title doesn’t make much sense right now, but keep reading…Today, I’m really excited to talk to you about something really amazing. You may know our body is comprised of about 2/3 water. And we all know the 3 common phases of water, but did you know there is a fourth state of water and that it’s an integral part of health and energy for our body? We all know that water can be a liquid, solid or vapor, but have you ever heard of structured water? This type of water is so important to maintain health and have energy. A man by the name of Gerald Pollack, world leading expert who has been researching this topic and written over 300 scientific studies published in peer-reviewed science journals and has written 8 books. 

Now, if you have heard of structured water before, you may think you need some expensive, fancy machine, and there are some petty amazing ones out there if you want to spend up to thousands of dollars, however you have the ability to structure the water that’s in your body by adding some daily rituals. Here is a list below…

  1. Green juicing organic veggies (if you can’t juice, then add in a good, organic barley grass powder– don’t worry my celiac friend, it’s gluten-free)
  2. Grounding 
  3. Turmeric bone broth– especially for the colder months when juicing is less appealing and it’s also great for healing the gut
  4. Sunbathing and being outdoors
  5. Infrared lights and saunas

Now you need to be listening to your body and drinking proper amounts of water so that your body has the optimum number of structured or EZ water around your cells to attain health and energy. 

Here are a few explanations from Gerald Pollack regarding EZ water:

“…what we found is that when water meets one of those hydrophilic surfaces, it changes monumentally. It no longer looks anything like water. It has completely different physical/chemical properties. And those properties occur not just in a single molecular layer that’s right next to the hydrophilic surface, but it actually projects out many, many, many layers. And we’re talking millions of layers, not one or two. We’re talking macroscopic dimensions. So this is what we call the fourth phase because it’s not a solid. It’s not a liquid. It has a consistency perhaps something like honey, if you will, a raw egg white.”

“So what’s going on is that the water molecules, the original water molecules, when they’re exposed to one of these hydrophilic surfaces, the molecules actually spread into the negative part and the positive part. And the negative part organizes itself next to the hydrophilic surface. And that’s the fourth phase or what we call the EZ or exclusion zone.”

“Well, it turns out that the cells that are really fully negative and therefore full of this EZ water, function quite well. Cells that are not functioning well like cancer cells or pathological kidney cells, their electrical potential instead of negative eighty or ninety millivolts is negative fifteen or twenty millivolts. Not as negative as the healthy cells. So one of the first things, one of the measures of health should be, and I believe it is, a very high negative, a substantial negative electrical potential. We actually measure the electrical potential of people.”

Love and acceptance

Imagine waking up hours before you’re alarm, looking at the clock dreading 8am when you’re supposed to be on at your job (or school). You love what you do, however, you don’t feel completely comfortable around you’re peers. You feel a little ostracized about the way you choose to live your life so people just don’t get you. I feel a little like this sometimes because of the way I eat. But think about the people who are living a double persona. I mean we all kind of do this in certain ways. We close off little bits of our self because we are afraid of the reaction of our peers.
What if we were so afraid that we couldn’t completely be honest even to our self? I think of the people who are told growing up that loving a certain person is wrong, yet for some reason they do. You can’t chose who you love, you just do. Thankfully it’s becoming more accepted to be able to embrace these honest feelings but we have a long way to come still.
I remember growing up and people telling me that interracial marriage was wrong. The first time I was told this was when I was probably 4 or 5 and I knew that it was a load of garbage. How could loving someone be wrong!?
Then, I remember being in middle school and when I saw a certain girl, I got butterflies. I knew my parents would freak out if I ever confessed this so I just hid it away. In college I kissed girls who were my friends at parties but it wasn’t until my husband who I am very attracted to and love immensely said he thinks I should explore this more. Maybe some day I will but right now I’m very content with my life and I don’t even know where to start or even if I want to. I’m not super comfortable even writing this because once I hit publish it’s out there. My sister and my best friend are a few of the only other people who know this part of me. Honestly, I don’t know if it means anything but who knows until I try. Who knows if that day will ever come but if and when it does, I shouldn’t care about what others may think. It’s my life and if I’m happy and making other people happy then why that hell should it matter?

The Bug made it into our home

Around 3 am Sunday my poor 5 year old puked all over herself and her bed. This lasted all morning and she was resting the remainder of the day. At one point I thought I’d better check her for an appendicitis because she was in pain. She had every symptom I knew of that pointed to this infection and once my mother in law was on her way to watch my littlest kiddo she started to feel way better so I called of my MIL. The remainder of the day she rested and when she woke up Monday morning she was finally feeling well again.
My daughter has always had a more sensitive stomach, like me, so I didn’t really think anything of it. Otherwise, I would have boosted my immune system like I usually do (lots of raw garlic, camu camu powder, echinacea, etc). But then as the morning went on and I was getting ready for work, I noticed that I was a little queasy and super cold. I told my family I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I was going to go to work and see if it passed. I passed it off by being dehydrated and went to work. Two hours later, my boss sent me home and when I opened the door to my house my sweet daughter had everything ready to take care of me: a bucket, a wet washcloth, rice cakes, peppermint tea, the TV remotes with the Netflix educational section ready for me to make a selection. It was so sweet! Unfortunately, all I wanted was a hot bath to warm me up but she got really upset when I didn’t take her up on what she had ready. I felt awful that I hurt her feelings so I indulged her for a little while on laid on the couch while I warmed up on the heat pad and blanket she provided. (I even got a story in bed-shown in the featured picture)
Thank goodness my mom was home watching the kids that day because I don’t know what I would have done if it was just me. A few hours later, my husband come home with the same stomach bug!
After 27 hours, I finally started feeling better. So grateful for my mom and my sweet daughter! And I’m so glad my son is still nursing because I think that’s the only thing that saved him from getting the bug.