The Bug made it into our home

Around 3 am Sunday my poor 5 year old puked all over herself and her bed. This lasted all morning and she was resting the remainder of the day. At one point I thought I’d better check her for an appendicitis because she was in pain. She had every symptom I knew of that pointed to this infection and once my mother in law was on her way to watch my littlest kiddo she started to feel way better so I called of my MIL. The remainder of the day she rested and when she woke up Monday morning she was finally feeling well again.
My daughter has always had a more sensitive stomach, like me, so I didn’t really think anything of it. Otherwise, I would have boosted my immune system like I usually do (lots of raw garlic, camu camu powder, echinacea, etc). But then as the morning went on and I was getting ready for work, I noticed that I was a little queasy and super cold. I told my family I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I was going to go to work and see if it passed. I passed it off by being dehydrated and went to work. Two hours later, my boss sent me home and when I opened the door to my house my sweet daughter had everything ready to take care of me: a bucket, a wet washcloth, rice cakes, peppermint tea, the TV remotes with the Netflix educational section ready for me to make a selection. It was so sweet! Unfortunately, all I wanted was a hot bath to warm me up but she got really upset when I didn’t take her up on what she had ready. I felt awful that I hurt her feelings so I indulged her for a little while on laid on the couch while I warmed up on the heat pad and blanket she provided. (I even got a story in bed-shown in the featured picture)
Thank goodness my mom was home watching the kids that day because I don’t know what I would have done if it was just me. A few hours later, my husband come home with the same stomach bug!
After 27 hours, I finally started feeling better. So grateful for my mom and my sweet daughter! And I’m so glad my son is still nursing because I think that’s the only thing that saved him from getting the bug.

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