Stop being so positive

Okay, so the title doesn’t make much sense right now, but keep reading…Today, I’m really excited to talk to you about something really amazing. You may know our body is comprised of about 2/3 water. And we all know the 3 common phases of water, but did you know there is a fourth state of water and that it’s an integral part of health and energy for our body? We all know that water can be a liquid, solid or vapor, but have you ever heard of structured water? This type of water is so important to maintain health and have energy. A man by the name of Gerald Pollack, world leading expert who has been researching this topic and written over 300 scientific studies published in peer-reviewed science journals and has written 8 books. 

Now, if you have heard of structured water before, you may think you need some expensive, fancy machine, and there are some petty amazing ones out there if you want to spend up to thousands of dollars, however you have the ability to structure the water that’s in your body by adding some daily rituals. Here is a list below…

  1. Green juicing organic veggies (if you can’t juice, then add in a good, organic barley grass powder– don’t worry my celiac friend, it’s gluten-free)
  2. Grounding 
  3. Turmeric bone broth– especially for the colder months when juicing is less appealing and it’s also great for healing the gut
  4. Sunbathing and being outdoors
  5. Infrared lights and saunas

Now you need to be listening to your body and drinking proper amounts of water so that your body has the optimum number of structured or EZ water around your cells to attain health and energy. 

Here are a few explanations from Gerald Pollack regarding EZ water:

“…what we found is that when water meets one of those hydrophilic surfaces, it changes monumentally. It no longer looks anything like water. It has completely different physical/chemical properties. And those properties occur not just in a single molecular layer that’s right next to the hydrophilic surface, but it actually projects out many, many, many layers. And we’re talking millions of layers, not one or two. We’re talking macroscopic dimensions. So this is what we call the fourth phase because it’s not a solid. It’s not a liquid. It has a consistency perhaps something like honey, if you will, a raw egg white.”

“So what’s going on is that the water molecules, the original water molecules, when they’re exposed to one of these hydrophilic surfaces, the molecules actually spread into the negative part and the positive part. And the negative part organizes itself next to the hydrophilic surface. And that’s the fourth phase or what we call the EZ or exclusion zone.”

“Well, it turns out that the cells that are really fully negative and therefore full of this EZ water, function quite well. Cells that are not functioning well like cancer cells or pathological kidney cells, their electrical potential instead of negative eighty or ninety millivolts is negative fifteen or twenty millivolts. Not as negative as the healthy cells. So one of the first things, one of the measures of health should be, and I believe it is, a very high negative, a substantial negative electrical potential. We actually measure the electrical potential of people.”

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