Grateful sister, Part 1

Do you have a sibling who you just click with? Someone that you have always been comfortable to say anything to and know that deep down, they’ve got your back and will love you no matter what? I’m very blessed because I have 4 of them! It’s because of them that I imagined having 4 kids when I grew up. Then I started having kids and realized how fricken hard it was to be a mom- the sleep deprivation, the lack of personal time and space, and all of the emotions, don’t get me wrong… I ABSOLUTELY love my kids, but two is plenty for me.) Each of my siblings have their faults (who doesn’t- I know I’m not up for the “Perfect Sister Award”- is that a real thing?) but their beautiful qualities outshine them by far. In the next few weeks, I’m going to tell you about how lucky I am to be their sister.

First up, is my brother Sam. Sam and I have been through life, thick and thin ever since he was born- at least, that’s how I remember it. We played together, watched movies together, went to the pool on our bicycles every summer, and in the winter we built some epic snow forts. He’s always been a confident and smart guy and I’m so blessed to know him. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our quarrels but I couldn’t imagine my life without him (I’m glad he didn’t electrocute himself by trying to plug in a part of a flashlight he had taken apart into the outlet when he was about 5 or that he didn’t impale himself the night he fell out of his bunkbed and landed on his Legos when he was little, or that I didn’t kill him when we fought over a Christmas bear which led him to the ER to get stitches in his head, or get more hurt on his motorcycle a few years ago on the interstate when a tire retread kicked up and flew him off his bike. Why he still rides, I don’t know). He has such an amazing smile and is so generous (almost too generous and has been burned by people taking advantage of his generosity, unfortunately). Recently, he has helped me get out of debt faster by allowing me to use one of his credit transfers on his credit cards, which was not the easiest things to ask for help for, but he was more than happy to help me.

When Sam was in middle school (and I in high school), I decided to move in with my dad who lived about 8 hours away. Unfortunately, when I moved back in with my mom a few months later, Sam didn’t follow me this time. It was so hard him not being around anymore, but ultimately, it prepared me for when he moved down to Arkansas shortly after he graduated high-school. Although, he still lives there and I live in South Dakota, whenever we see each other, it’s like we’ve never left each other’s side. I worry that he isn’t taking the greatest care of himself, but it’s his life and he has to make decisions about it, so I can’t worry too much.

My hope is that he will live close to me again, but if he doesn’t that’s okay too. Writing this with tears in my eyes, I’m thinking of my greatest memories with him. It’s hard to choose from because there were SO many he has such a happy personality (most of the time- I do remember pissing him off so bad when we were little- the look he gave me… I thought he was going to kill me). I loved playing Lego’s with him. Sometimes he would use his batman figurines while I played Barbie’s and I remember being such a turd to him. At nights when we watched scary movies, I’d ask him to sleep in my room with me because I was so scared and most of the time he did. And the things that drove me crazy when we were growing up, now only make me love him so much more (like the fact that he used to quote Jim Carrey movie lines so much that my mom banned them from our house).

I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything, like parenting, politics, and some lifestyle choices, but he’s my brother and I love him regardless. All I wish for him is a long, healthy, happy life… and to visit each other as much as we can. Thank you Sammy, for all that you have given me and for being one of my first best-friends! I love you little brother!

My favorite memories with Sam:

  1. While doing chores, screaming the theme song to “Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers”
  2. Creating roads with Tonka toys in the snow with our step-brother into the dark
  3. Figuring out who the pool pooper was one summer, Sam- I felt so bad for you to have witnessed this
  4. Your impressions, especially Miss Swan and Chicken from “Cow and Chicken”
  5. Trying to find all of your bolts for your snowboard when one of your bindings fell of and then deciding to sled the rest of the way in MT
  6. Your reverend skills at my wedding

Next up… well you’ll have to find out next week. Until then, remember to hold gratitude for yourself and those amazing people around you whether they are family, friends, co-workers or a perfect stranger.

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