Here are some past students who have gratefully allowed me to use their comments regarding my classes/coaching.

One-on-One Coaching Clients

“Tarin listened without judgement and helped me to find the answers to eating healthier and finding time for me inside my jammed packed schedule.” I would recommend my coach to: “anyone who would like to improve their life. Health is not simply eating the right foods. Health is determined by every aspect of our life. Having a coach capable of helping a person find who will work for them, the individual, is a priceless treasture.”

Ellen Madden, March 2016

“Thank you so much Tarin, it’s only been six sessions and I’m learning so much. I though it was just gonna be helping me with eating choices, but it’s so much more 🙂 … I’m shocked how you ask questions about ALL aspects of my life, and have helped me with personal things I’ve tried working on for years. Ty, Ty, Ty you’re amazing and I appreciate so much everything you have helped me with so far 🙂 ” Lori Malo, one-on-one coaching, Oct. 2015

Group Classes


“Fermented veggies and eggs!! Thank you@ Tarin Matthew for teaching me how to make them!! They are a great source of probiotics!” Beth Baker, 4/13/16 Fermented Foods Cooking Class








“A very informative hour. Very knowledgeable. Very nice instructor.”  Gere Stetson, Stress and Energy: The Impacts Group Class – 3/17/16

“Really enjoyed discussion/info. Ease to talk and discuss/etc. w/instructor. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Very informative.” B. Ogaard, Stress and Energy: The Impacts Group Class – 3/17/16

“Very interesting.” (What did you find was the most valuable part of this course) “A combination of all we need to pay attention too” Bonnie Meisner, Stress and Energy: The Impacts Group Class – 3/17/16

“Great tips. Great presentation. Good info I can use to improve energy and reduce stress.” Nick Krebs, Increase Energy and De-Stress Group Class, Feb. 2016

“Lovely person, very solid grounding in topic. Love the visual display. Thank you!” Annie Spencer, Sugar Blues Group Class Jan. 2016

“Thank you! Looking forward to starting some new habits!” Sue Bracewell, Sugar Blues Group Class Jan. 2016