Another year already!?!

Every day, but more often during this time of year, I think of the most beautiful fall day when my daughter decided to greet us and the world. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years ago already. Usually, we have a small little party for her with her grandparents, an aunt and uncle and a few other close friends. Since she is so social, we decided she could pick her guests this year so there will be her regulars, plus some of her cousins and a few more friends. The size grew from 8 people last year to 16 this year. And some of the people she wanted there can’t make it. Those people will be missed, but I’m glad it’s not bigger.

We also let her decide on her food for this celebration. She picked tacos, which I was glad about because it’s a fairly easy meal. Being an organic, gluten and dairy free family, we decided all of our food will be organic because we absolutely won’t support GMO foods, (join our Free NonGMO Movie night) and will be mostly gluten and dairy-free. Although, we will have a bag of organic cheese and organic local wheat tortillas if anyone would rather not veer from these foods. That’s the great thing about sharing food or having potlucks. The opportunity for your palate to experience new things without having to sacrifice time or other resources but more important is the let down if the item is not delicious. So although my Daiya cheese and homemade AIP tortillas either cost more or take time to make, I am willing to share in hopes that when these newbies try them and see how delicious they are, they will decide to buy or make them for themselves. It’s one way to inspire change for a healthier and happier life. Being a health coach, I live for this inspiration.

For her dessert, at first all she talked about was her desire for chocolate muffin cake (still not sure what that is). Then, after saving some recipes of chocolatey, muffin cake looking ideas on Pinterest, all mommy approved, she changed her mind and chose Grain-free chocolate chip cookies. I don’t mind! I’ve been wanting to test out a recipe I found which I decided to tweak a bit.

This morning, we headed for our favorite store The Breadroot Co-op and geared up for her birthday party. Be bought Tigernut flour for her cookies, a bunch of bulk spices for the taco seasoning we are making, and all of the other staples for her birthday meal. I’m so glad that I can shop at one place for all my nutritional needs.

Here’s the weekly recipe of Grain free AIP BIRTHDAY Cookies adapted from Beyond the Bite. Enjoy!


making sure her birthday cookies are up to par. Success! 

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