What a disappointment…

Yesterday morning, I woke up and I had a message from my mom. She sent me a link for a job opening looking for health and wellness coaches. I have tried to do my own business with this and I haven’t had much luck, so when I saw that a company was looking to hire a health coach I applied right away. Shortly after, I received a message asking when would be a good time to chat. At 8pm, I was supposed to have a conversation with someone from the company and at 710pm I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize and figured I had put down 8pm but for another time zone. 7 is usually around the time when we put my oldest kiddo to sleep so I checked with my husband and he told me to take the call.

It was a two way call with a woman and a man and they told me how the past 20 years they’ve been working with a company to help people lose weight and decrease their risk of health issues with great success. They teach coaches how to do one on one and group coaching classes and they boasted how they have seen people lose a lot of weight throughout their coaching experiences. I was so excited that a company, backed by UCLA, was looking out and helping people live healthier lives. The woman I was on the phone with said that she lives in the same town as I do, and when she returned from her trip from Canada, she could meet up with me to show me the ropes.

I was so excited! I am so passionate about helping people feel great and live abundantly! I just needed help marketing myself and here is a company with 20 years of experience to help me help others. After the 15-20 minute call I received a promotional video and was slowly disappointed when I found out that this was a MLM company. I don’t have a problem with these types of company’s, however, I wanted to know what was in their “Kool-Aid.” I found their website, and was horrified at the ingredients listed! This wasn’t healthy! Yes, people may lose weight, however, it ISN’T healthy!! Just because a person is skinny, doesn’t mean they are thriving.

After I discovered this, I messaged the lady back telling her that I looked at the ingredients and wasn’t comfortable selling people things that I wouldn’t myself take and that I was shocked at the ingredients. She went on to tell me in a very unorganized and with horrible grammar (I’m not the greatest at grammar, but this was hard to read) that it’s “No worse than junk food.” Wow! that’s a horrible comparison. I took a screen shot from my phone to show the conversation. Sorry if it’s a little difficult to read…

Now, I get that people want to help each other obtain health, but feeding them lies and garbage doesn’t help attain health. We are in a pandemic of obesity, which creates so many other health problems. I didn’t want to write about this company, Herbalife, to throw them under the bus because of that, however, I am throwing them under the bus because WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT just because a product is backed by a college, even a prestigious or not, we need to use the knowledge of what we know by researching what we are putting in our bodies. Here are some easy rules to follow.

How to Eat Cleaner:

-READ labels

  • Try to purchase items that only have 5 or less ingredients
  • If you can’t pronounce an ingredient PUT IT BACK on the shelf
  • Opt for organic and look for non-GMO project logo if you buy anything packaged, especially if it has corn, soy, sugar, and dairy
  • Avoid anything that has any type of sugar in the first few ingredients or if it contains more than 15g of sugar (key is to stay as low as possible but not go over 25g per day)
  • Buy as much fresh foods rather than packaged foods
  • If you are looking for a company to help you lose weight by using a cleanse or shakes, I recommend Purium. This company owns their own farms and they are Organic certified (this is an MLM run company, FYI- I receive no kickbacks from them)

    If you need further help feeling more alive and vibrant, please let me know! I’d love to help!



The Year of Inner Healing and Growth

Happy New Year to everyone!! My New Year resolution has never been bigger or more important than the one I am doing in 2018. Let me explain…Ever since I can remember, I have had issues with anxiety, depression and anger. I was always the emotional kid. When I left my mom to visit my dad I was a wreck and when I left my dad to return to my mom I was a wreck. My relationships were always difficult because I wanted control and yet I didn’t have to voice to speak my needs. I have been through counselors and therapists off and on since I was 16. During a very dark time with my depression in college, I even went on different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I remember being in my apartment, with my now husband, and just crying for days randomly while he held me and feeling scared and frustrated because I didn’t know why I was so sad. 

As much as I hate chemical medications, well chemicals in general really, I knew I needed something to help quick. After college I was able to go off the medications but I still struggle, albeit a lot less than previously. I get pissed about something that my husband did, yet somehow manage to appreciate all he does. I have gotten better about this more recently, however, children are amazing at helping us heal our inner garbage. They test our boundaries and bring out unhealed things from our past- having a spirited four year old only increases this, as well. 

With that, I bring you healing! I confided in a mentor and friend of mine who had some similar issues as mine. She has tried seeking healing from counselors for a long time too. She told me, if you don’t have a break through within 3 sessions with a therapist, you need to move on. Well I’m movin’ on! Nothing really drastically changed for her until she took a course from an amazing woman named Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Every time that I see my mentor/friend talk about how amazing she feels and how much it has helped with her family, I get so excited to take Dr. Shefali’s new course “The Year of Manifestation,” which starts next week!

If you are ready to make break through healing with me, sign up! It’s cheaper than seeing a counselor or therapist and sounds way more worth it! Plus, remember that YOU are worth it! Each month Dr. Shefali, along with other guest speakers, will be delving in on topics like “breaking free and breaking out, the end of conflict, intimacy, sexuality, and marriage, flow and authenticity, money, giving and financial abundance, and much, much more! These classes are every Tuesday at 8pm CST with an option of adding on meditation on Thursdays at the same time for 12 months! All classes are live (unless you’re unable to attend and you get the recording shortly after).

Please, love yourself to know that you deserve to be happy, healthy and abundant!!

Links include an affiliate program. Thank you for your support!


Let’s get back to health!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday last weekend! We had a bunch of holiday celebrations. First, we went to my husbands family’s Christmas event. It was nice and low key with a white elephant gift exchange and the kids got a few presents to open. I got to teach my nephew how to play spoons, which was super popular with my friends when I was in elementary school.

Christmas Eve, we had my family and our close friends over for games, food, andIMG_1227 another white elephant exchange. Then, on Christmas we had a lazy, relaxing day with the family. My daughter was so excited to open gifts, so we did that right away in the morning. I think her coolest gift is a caterpillar to butterfly habitat. I ordered this gift early and I was happily surprised that two of the five caterpillars were still alive! I didn’t think of this when I ordered the gift. One of the survivors is in its cocoon already, while the second is fattening up. I think I’m a bit more excited about it than anyone else. 🙂

As we know, with the holidays brings the food, typically sugar laden. Well I got back into my sugar addiction and I also decided to eat some turkey on Christmas Eve. Then every day since, I’ve had a slice of turkey. I don’t know if it’s sugar or meat, but my fuse has gotten shorter. My poor 4 year old has seen the wrath of cranky mama and I feel awful. I am cutting sugar and meat again so I can get back to having more patience with her. Not only that, but I just signed up for a course with Dr. Shefali, “The Year of Manifestation.” This is my present to myself. It’s an important one and I’m so excited to start it in less than a few weeks! (more about this next week)

Anyone else feeling the holiday food crash? You ready to get back on course to optimum health? Let’s do this!!! Health is not just about eating nutritious foods. We need to be taking care of our inner health as well!

Night out

I got some fun self-care in this week! My hubby hung out with the kiddos while me and my best bud enjoyed some girl time! Living where I do, it’s hard to find a place to accommodate my dietary restrictions. I heard of a newer coffee shop that also serves food. I messaged them on Facebook and they sounded like they would be able to meet my needs.

After nursing my babe, we headed out to our date at Harriet and Oak. I ordered a rhubarb cider and my friend ordered some white wine. To eat, we both ordered Buddha bowls- mine with falafel’s- which is gluten free and vegan… well there was a little misunderstanding and feta cheese was placed on top. I don’t like sending things back to the kitchen, both because I’m a little paranoid that they are going to mess with my food and secondly, I hate wasting food (hopefully someone ate it). It was delicious! We had such a fun time chatting and filling our bellies.


After dinner, we were going to go bowling, but it was super busy, so we decided to put a puzzle together. We thought it was a good idea, but the puzzle was difficult in our state (being both buzzed and tired) so we didn’t make it far and played cards instead. It wasn’t an elegant night, but I don’t need that to get some good self-care in. It’s just what I needed! Thank you for the fun evening, my awesome friend!

What are you doing this week to get in self-care?



The power of the mind and body

Last week I found out about a book club that meets every Tuesday on Facebook and I decided to check it out. I have a lot of unresolved triggers when my toddler tantrums and I know it’s something that I need to work on for the betterment for my family and myself. I came in late to the book club so I started at chapter 6.

Oh how the universe works is amazing!! This chapter was a little difficult to wrap my head around at some points. Maybe just because I was reading right before I went to bed and it needed to be read that night because I proscratinated. The gist of it, though, was so enlightening! Basically, it was stating that when we hold anger or resentment or any negative feelings toward a person from our experiences, this draws energy from us and by releasing it, not only are you releasing this huge energy drain in yourself, but you’re also helping to release something in them, as well.

How beautiful!! Now, for some reason I’ve been holding on to anger for people in my life and it’s caused me some heartache with current relationships. I don’t like that! I want to be in control of my emotions and my mood. I want a loving and healthy relationship with my husband and children. I do know I’m doing better than my parents and I know they did better than theirs. But this doesn’t mean I’m okay with settling for better when it still means I have anger and feel unhappy too much. I want to heal within to truly be my authentic, happy self.

My plan was to see a therapist, however I feel like I need something bigger. So my plan is to take an online course with a physiologist which is inly $200 with a money back guarantee (see more info below). This claims to do everything I’m hoping to achieve. Along with this, I will be doing more self care by continuing to eat healthy and nourishing foods, meditating, consciously breathing, and when my daughter has a melt down to pause and if I feel something triggered I’m going to sit and try to figure out what in my past needs to heal, rather than react.

Also, I’m going to start forgiving more. I’ve released my anger around certain events and people and already I’ve noticed more energy and positivity.

Are you holding on to anger? It’s time to release it!

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

The Chopra Center’s Healing Family Relationships https://shop.chopra.com/onestepcheckout/index/

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The big kids aren’t alright…

Today, I am going to write about a touchy subject, literally. I’m talking about spanking. When I grew up, it was common place to spank a child when they were “acting out.” I hold no animosity or anger toward my parents because they used this type of childrearing. It’s what they knew, and actually they did a far better job than their parents. Now we have the knowledge about the repercussions from using this type of punishment (along with yelling), which shows that when children are spanked, yelled at, etc. it causes damage to the brain.

The more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties

So many adults I know now, most of them that either don’t have children or have decided to use spanking and yelling with their kids, argue “That’s how I was raised and I turned out fine.” I beg to differ. I, like stated before, had this same punishment and I suffer from anxiety issues, depression, anger, and avoidance to conflict with peers or those in authority positions. Sorry, but that isn’t normal to me unless you are arguing that everyone suffers from the same issues… because the majority of the population was treated this way when they were children. Well, times are changing and a lot of parents are doing the research which proves these types of parenting cause said issues throughout the persons life.

“Numerous studies over the past 20 years have also found spanking to be associated with similar mental health problems in childhood and adulthood, including depression or depressed mood (e.g., Fergusson, Boden, & Horwood, 2008; MacMillan et al., 1999; McLoyd, Kaplan, Hardaway, & Wood, 2007), personality disorders (Lynam, Miller, Vachon, Loeber, & Stouthamer-Loeber, 2009), suicidal ideations and/or attempts and self-injurious behaviour (Fergusson et al., 2008), and substance use.”

I’m not saying that I’m anywhere close to the perfect parent. I have never spanked my child, but when my toddler pushes and pushes to the point where I lose it, I last out either with yelling or I’ve been a little to rough. I’m not proud of it and it something that I work on every day by learning new techniques to be a better mom and a better me! What it really comes down to, is dealing with our shit (sorry for the French) but it’s true. All of the crap that we went through, which is unresolved for ourselves leaks its way back into our lives, especially with our precious children. These kids that tantrum aren’t bad kids and shouldn’t be punished. Instead, we should calm ourselves down and then be present for them instead of continuing the vicious cycle of diminishing and berating them. Children need help navigating their feelings into positive releases because their brains aren’t fully developed into adulthood.

Who wants their kids to fear them? I know that I want my children to know they are loved and supported, even when they are having a hard time. I want them to be able to trust me to tell me about the hard stuff so I know that they are safe and so they feel safe. Typically, kids who are afraid of their caregivers will just rebel more. So let’s lift each other up and heal ourselves for our children so they will be healthy kids and then healthy adults and healthy parents.

Tips for keeping the cool when our kids don’t know how:
1. Breathe, go to your feet, go brain dead:
When we calm ourselves first we are able to better help those around us. It’s like the saying goes “put on our oxygen mask first.” When we go to the feet, it takes us out of our heads which is when we tend to react in a not so pleasant manner.

2. Be there:
If the child is having a melt down, let them. Tell them they are there for them and that you hear them. If they are endangering themselves or others remove them from the situation by telling them “You’re not safe so I’m going to pick you up/move them,” or “I can see you’re wanting to hit, I won’t let you hit” and block the hit all while keeping your tone calm.

3. Time-Ins:
Nothing says I love you more than sitting with them and holding them while they are acting out. On the flip side, putting them in a room all alone says the opposite. I found this to escalate things in our home when we used time outs. My daughters anger rose and she threw things at her door and screamed more, but when I said, “Oh man, let’s have a time in or “time for a time in, I’m going to pick you up.” If the kiddo runs away, that’s okay. Usually this happens I say “Okay, no problem. I just wanted to give you loving”

4. Have realistic limits/rules:
Make your rules of the house realistic for the age of your kids. Also, make sure these set rules are CONSISTENT! Consistency is key! It’s not fair for us to flip flop on the rules, it’s confusing for children and the caregiver, believe me, I know.

5. Modeling:
Children learn from their caregivers. If you yell, your kids will learn to yell. If you use manners, your kids will learn to use their manners. If you have empathy, your kids will learn empathy. Kids are smart! Way smarter than a lot of people give them credit for. We are their teachers and we need to show them the same respect we all deserve.

6. Acknowledge all feelings:
Kids are amazing at being able to self regulate. They do this by yelling and screaming and it’s our job to help them navigate healthy ways to get these feelings out in a more positive way. This could look like screaming into a pillow with them, writing their feelings down, throwing bean bags in a basket, making funny faces in the mirror, etc.

7. Apologize:
None of us are perfect, we are going to have times where we loose our cool and react in a way that we aren’t proud of. That’s okay and it’s a good lesson for our kids to show them that we mess up and make mistakes, but it’s even more important to show them what to do when that happens. If you lose your cool and yell, calm yourself down and then apologize and explain that you are trying to get better and that it’s something you struggle with. I love something I just heard recently that Time Outs are for parents to collect themselves before reacting and Time Ins are for kids.

8. Get help:
There is nothing wrong with asking for help! I have issues with things I have from my past that tend to come out when I’m pushed by my toddler and deep down it’s my own crap that I need to fix. I do this by talking to other parents, my husband, my counselor, etc. I also, listen to podcasts and read articles about parenting to give me ideas when I need them.









Do what ya gotta do

Twelve weeks. I can’t believe my littlest baby is already 12 weeks old. Twelve weeks, which means my maternity leave has come to an end. Lucky for me, I am only working two days a week. Its two days my husband has off so we don’t need to pay for a sitter and we don’t have the anxiety about who is taking care of our kiddos or what they may be doing while we are away. It’s sad that I’m missing out on family time but it’s the sacrifice we make being parents.

So far, it’s been good to be back at work. I’m able to have adult conversations and be of help to people in pain. I’m not in my ideal career but that’s okay. I will be someday and as I’m finding, time sure flies. Right now, I need to provide a little for my family monetarily and the remaining 5 days I will be available to them personally. I’m just glad I have this freedom. It would be nice to be able to pay off bills faster if I worked but to me it’s not worth it. Before I know it my kids will be out of the house and I’ll have a lot more time to make up for it money-wise. Until then, I’m going to soak up my babies and take as good care of myself so we are all happy. I know that may not be the desire for some mamas. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Bottom line, do what’s best for you and those who need you.

My Vegan Thanksgiving (two amazing recipes included)

I started my day waking up to my handsome little 11 week old. Then, I greeted my sweet 4 year old and husband who had a chickpea vegan omelet waiting for me to enjoy with my family.

After breakfast, we packed up and drove to the hills to hand select and chop down our very own Christmas tree. This took a little more time then expected and my husband almost lost our tree permit in the woods, but after a bumpy ride and a run we found our tree and he found the permit. We couldn’t believe we would be blessed with such a warm, beautiful day that we decided to take advantage of the weather and get into the hills.

After he loaded up the tree, we headed back home which was about an hours drive. Shortly after we got home, my husband finished up our thanksgiving lunch and we sat down and stated what we were grateful for. Then, we dug in! Wow! The meal that my husband prepared was delicious!! This was our first vegan holiday. Typically it’s a big turkey with all of the traditional sides and all day my mom and I slave away in kitchen. This year, our meal consisted of steamed kale and collard greens (fresh out of our cold frame), a green salad with dried cranberries and pecans, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy (cuz you gotta), raw carrots, and “beef” Wellington. Not only did we not spend the whole week preparing for our holiday meal, we also got to enjoy the outdoors.

Hope you all had an amazing holiday filled with lovely company, great food and lots of things to be grateful for.

Definitely regretting my hair decision

When I was in college I started experimenting with different hair colors. As a natural brunette, I changed it to blonde to red then my favorite, which was a combination of blonde, pink, and purple. I had highlights and then I got into my career as an ultrasonographer and was no longer to do anything too crazy with my hair color. I missed this freedom

Then, on maternity leave a few weeks ago, I decided I would dye my hair blue for Halloween. My idea was to dress up as the animated character, Coraline. One of my friends said she’d do it for me so I started searching for the least toxic route of transforming my hair color. Well, being brown haired, I had to bleach my hair first and for having such little time to dye my hair, I ended up not finding a non toxic route. I bought Garnier blonde hair dye and found a less toxic blue, Artic Fox Poseidon blue. The reviews on the blue were well received so I purchased them and put my hair in the hands of my best buddy.

A week and a half later, I’m regretting my decision. The first two nights I reeked of chemicals and wondered how it was affecting my kiddos. Plus, my skin and pillowcase and fingernails seem to have taken on a rather Smurf like appearance which is getting rather old. On top of all that, the color has faded a lot! So it was all for nothing. It does make me appreciate my old hair color and once this finally is out of my hair I will be using henna to dye it to either red or brown.

Henna is an awesome way to dye hair. If only there was a blue henna…here are some interesting facts about henna. And if you love close to the Breadroot Co-op, you can get it bulk! If not, there are some options online with colors ranging from red, to brown or black. These two sites (here and here) even has indigo and a blonde

1. It conditions and strengthens hair, rather than weakening hair and your body like traditional chemical laden hair dyes
2. Made from the dried plant, lawsonia inermis and ground into a fine powder.
3. Can be used on hair, skin and fingernails.
4. Got thin hair? Henna not only strengthens the scalp, it also helps to stimulate hair growth.
5. When henna starts to wash out, it won’t leave that two toned annoying sign that you dyed your hair.
6. It’s so good for your hair, you can re-dye it every 72 hours.
7. May kill live and rid your scalp from dandruff.

For henna dying tips and resources:

IF YOUR HAIR IS CHEMICALLY DYED, make sure to only use pure henna or body art henna found here http://www.hennasooq.com/baq-henna-powder/


Is it leaching into you or your kids ?

When I learned about the harmful effects from BPA, I made it a mission to look for only BPA free products, especially for my more sensitive child. This was about 4 years ago. I don’t use much plastic in my house, but cups for littles were a must because they need water and I didn’t want spills or glass breaking on the floor. Life is messy with kids so I wanted to decrease it as much as possible.

BPA has been scientifically linked to asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, ADHD, and more.

IMG_0854Then, I came across an article that states BPA free plastics are really not safe either. Instead of using BPA, companies have replaced one toxic plastic for another.

Now, I have cleaned out all of our plastic containers and bags and have replaced them with 100% stainless steel glasses, ceramic, glass containers or using the trusty Mason jar. They make these mason jar cozys so if you’re like me and tend to drop things too often, your jar is a little more protected.

Here are my favorite plastic free items:

1. My go to Gorilla Gear water bottle. It holds 64 oz of water so I make sure I’m drinking enough throughout the day. It comes with a plastic straw but I took it out. IMG_0852

2. Pyrex containers. I use these all the time to store leftovers. The kids are plastic but I make sure it doesn’t touch the food. When I think a head, I store ins in my vehicle so if I go out to eat I’m not forced to use the nasty styrofoam containers.

3. These handy bags are great for packing snacks like trail mix, crackers, cookies and more. Just as long as the item you place in it isn’t wet as it would leak. This company also makes produce bags and bread bags.

4. Mason jars or any jar we buy food in and reuse. Great to use for anything food, beverage, herbs, storage, etc.

5. Stainless steel, lead free glasses. Instead of plastic glasses for the kids, I bought these. Here’s a link for the ones I bought. $16 for 5 cups and straws.