New diet trend?

Intermittent fasting… I came across this concept about a month or two ago and right off the bat, I was intrigued. I tried it out a couple of days and really started getting into it for about a week now.

The idea behind this, isn’t anything new and research that has been done on it is very compelling. When deciding to follow this way of eating it allows your body to burn fat, increased detoxification, and even increasing lifespan. For all of these reasons, I have decided to try this for at least a month. If I like the results that I see and I’m feeling great (this is key, always make sure that you listen to your body), then I will stick with it. Of course, things come up and I may skip a day and may not follow it during my cycle, but the idea is to give yourself some leeway and really, that should be true for anything. Once you start to restrict yourself too much, it becomes overwhelming and discouraging and stressful which is definitely not good for your body.

There are a few types of intermittent fasting options, but the easiest for me is the every day eating in a 6-8 hour window. For example, I tend to eat around noon every day as my first meal and my last meal would be at the latest 8 pm, but typically it’s 7pm.

Not only have I seen great benefits from it in the way I’m feeling, but it’s one less meal that I have to prepare and spend money on.

There’s a wonderful article, if you are interested in learning more about all of the other options and benefits more in detail, click here. And another, important read here.

So far, I’ve lost 3 pounds, my brain fog has gone away, my immune system is boosted (everyone around me has been sick it seems and I had a day when I could tell my body was fighting something off-very slight sore throat, fatigue, mild sinus pressure), and more motivation to get things done.

Yes, it is hard the first few days getting used to making breakfast for my little one and not eating it, but I just eat it for my lunch instead. Last weekend I did eat breakfast around 10 because I had an appointment to donate blood, and you definitely don’t want to go hungry to this appointment. When I was in high school I almost passed out because I tried that. Point is, just listen to your body and plan for your day accordingly.

Would you be interested in trying out this way of life for a day, week or a month? Let me know! I’d love to be on your journey with you!

Here is this weeks recipe, Auto-Immune (Grain free, vegan, nut free) Carrot Cake with “Cream Cheese” Frosting

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